Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

So I thought one thing I can do it review products that I have discovered (Or have had thrust upon me by my new family)!

One thing that is true, I am OBSESSED with ginger. Anything and everything ginger flavored. I actually eat sushi for the pickled ginger and have ordered jars of pickled sushi ginger from my favorite ginger company, THE GINGER PEOPLE. Yeah, that is right. I eat their ginger chews and I am happy inside.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when I say that I love ginger ale. In Texas, I drink Canada Dry or pretty much any other form of ginger ale, all the time. So my boyfriend had the grand idea of introducing me to the wonder that is Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.


So yes. At £1 a bottle at Sainsbury’s I have been consuming this liquid gold for three weeks now.

I give it a whopping 10/10 Gingers. I guess that’s what I am going to rate future products with. Gingers. Because gingers rule.



❤ B