Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

So I thought one thing I can do it review products that I have discovered (Or have had thrust upon me by my new family)!

One thing that is true, I am OBSESSED with ginger. Anything and everything ginger flavored. I actually eat sushi for the pickled ginger and have ordered jars of pickled sushi ginger from my favorite ginger company, THE GINGER PEOPLE. Yeah, that is right. I eat their ginger chews and I am happy inside.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when I say that I love ginger ale. In Texas, I drink Canada Dry or pretty much any other form of ginger ale, all the time. So my boyfriend had the grand idea of introducing me to the wonder that is Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.


So yes. At £1 a bottle at Sainsbury’s I have been consuming this liquid gold for three weeks now.

I give it a whopping 10/10 Gingers. I guess that’s what I am going to rate future products with. Gingers. Because gingers rule.



❤ B



If you had told me a year ago that I would be pseudo-living with my English boyfriend in West Yorkshire, England, I would have thought you were out of your mind. Yet here I am.

I actually enjoy the cooler weather, after living in Texas during droughts and constant heat waves where people just slump over and randomly die on the sidewalk, its nice to wear my favorite boots and scarves. I am from Houston, which isn’t a necessarily bad place, but when you’ve been there all your life, getting away sounds amazing.

So I am from Texas, and my boyfriend is from West Yorkshire, England. After a wonderful two week visit to my home, my boyfriend was pretty excited about my visiting him. I was pretty nervous about coming, but I sucked it up and got a plane ticket one week before it was due to take off and just sort of let him know I was visiting.

I enjoyed it so much, I decided to extend my visit from one week to 5 weeks.

There is a lot of holes in this first post, but I will be glad to go into more detail in other posts.

Meanwhile, I have experienced some extremely interesting culture shock!

This is the basis of my blog. I am going to describe my surroundings the way a young child would upon seeing something for the first time, although I will try to use proper English and grammar. I will also post photos. Plus, I cannot technically work in the UK as I am just visiting, so if I could just magically become a famous blogger, that would be super great. But when I am able to work, I might drop you like a hot pan. So if you like mysterious women, you have stumbled across the right blog for it.